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Ruin Synopsis

The land of Ruin is a brutal, harsh, and unforgiving desert. Thousands of traders and people from all walks travel its vast reaches looking to make their fortune in the trade of “black crystal” – the mineral that fuels everything from airships, to landships, to currency itself. There is even rumor of its awakened power properties.

Jim is one such trader and frankly, he isn’t very good at it. But, things are about to change for him. Ever the introverted hermit, he’s about to be thrust into a world of intrigue, magic, and colorful people. Ruin gives few second chances. Don’t waste yours.

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Protectorate Archives

Explore the world of Ruin in the official wiki

The Gallery

View the 3d Ruin Diorama and the original artwork from the artist Brandon Ellis

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An Authocracy Original


A Steampunk Fantasy Serial

The Protectorate Archives

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