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In the Shadow of

In the Shadow of Prometheus

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The Authocracy is a collective of over a dozen authors, illustrators, animators, composers, and designers coming together to bring you high-concept sci-fi and fantasy stories that we think the market currently lacks.

In the Shadow of Prometheus

A Science Fantasy Adventure


A Science Fantasy Adventure
Coming Soon


A Steampunk Adventure
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An Historical Fantasy
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What We Do

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Stories

Our high-concept originals come from the best and brightest emerging talents in the industry, with an international and highly-diverse range of collaborators

Original Soundtracks

We utilize a team of exceptional and multi-talented composers to ensure that each of our properties is accompanied by a timeless musical experience

Vividly illustrated and Animated

Our illustrators are as talented as they are prolific. We scour the world for artists with incredible visual style and design sensibilities that live into their praxis

Gamified Supplements

We want fans to immerse themselves in our world-centric properties to their heart's content. Authocracy & gamification go together like bread and butter

Our Featured Project

"Prometheus has been our labor of love for many months, bringing together multiple artists working in a variety of mediums and from countries all around the world. We are so thrilled to finally be able to present it to you."
L. Farnsworth Colson | Authocracy Studios
L. Farnsworth Colson
Lead Writer, Authocracy Studios

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Explore our blog posts to know the latest on Authocracy’s products, people, and plans.

Explore our blog posts to know the latest on Authocracy’s products, people, and plans.

6 Tips to Improve Character Dialogue

6 Tips to Improve Character Dialogue

Join us as we learn how to write exposition through dialogue without losing pace or sounding forced.

In the 24th Century

The Future will fall

An Evil will rise, and the Vanguards of K10:Theta will be all that stands between paradise and carnage.

Backed at $11,000 USD on Kickstarter, we are now taking pre-orders for the first edition of Prometheus Vol. 1 on IndieGogo. Click on the button below to learn more about the world and reserve your copies while supplies last.

How Authocracy works

We currently have 3 worlds here at Authocracy, and they can be found in our World Library or through the dedicated Worlds icon at the bottom of your screen. Simply click through and explore – no strings attached!

If you have any other questions, please see our FAQ section :)