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Enter a world of Vanguards and Insurgents in this science fantasy novel with gamified elements.

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In the Shadow of Prometheus | Authocracy Sci-fi Web Series

The Science Fantasy Novel

2319 AD

A shadowy insurgency seeks to topple a newly-forged global utopia. Join Oni Anagonye and her team of Vanguard protectors as they unearth this conspiracy and face the threat of the Machiavellians.

Upcoming Book Release

January 2021

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A Science Fantasy Novel

Science and Sorcery? You bet! In the Shadow of Prometheus features interventions by enigmatic figures called 'Elysians', avatars of a primordial force which permeates all of the known universe.

100+ Lavish Ilustrations

Our chapters have a tendency to be punchy and concise. so when we say we have 3-5 illustrations per chapter: that's even more than it sounds.

Original Soundtrack

Orchestrated by composer Sam Pierce, we have a growing array of soundtracks which are brand new and entirely exclusive to this story.

TTRPG Supplements

We create in-universe roleplaying supplements for each of our core properties, so, when you've finished the story and find yourself wanting more: we invite you to immerse yourself even further!

The Reviews are In

"While I don’t venture out of the Young Adult genre often, 'In the Shadow of Prometheus' was a nice reminder that there are really great books out there for those who like to think more about what they read... I highly recommend it."
Theresa Crider
Book Critic
"What a beautifully-developed story! Rich with creative world-building and a diverse set of characters, Prometheus seamlessly and accessibly integrates philosophy and the humanities into a sci-fi experience that resonates with deep and intuitive moral feeling. It also does a remarkable job of keeping the reader at the edge of their seat right until the very end. Can a book earn more than five stars? This one certainly ought to."
Jennifer Goulding
Beta Reader
"From its artistry to L. Farnsworth's bold vision: I enjoyed every page of it. In the Shadow of Prometheus is a great work."
Jacopo della Quercia
Author, 'License to Quill'
"In the Shadow of Prometheus is more than just a great book; it is a much-needed source of hope for our own troubled times, featuring well-developed protagonists championing progressive values and showing how to uphold them in a world of growing authoritarian states. I found this story to be inspiring and remarkable, and I hope you will too."
Christopher Abel

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