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Let us answer any questions you may have

I’m Joseph, founder and CEO of Authocracy Publishing. I’m also the author of the Memoriam franchise! I’ll be answering your questions as and when they crop up.

We take storytelling very seriously. And so, my two co-founders and I created a company with a singular premise: Authocracy. That is, literally, rule of the author. Our publishing house puts the creative talent of our authors and illustrators front and center, offering a unique array of high-concept genre fiction that you’ll find nowhere else.

“Founded in 2020! We’re working around the clock and globe to get everything operating smoothly. Our first properties will begin their launch schedules throughout the course of this year. We expect to have three to four new properties launch for our fans every year.”

Prometheus will launch late this March. It is a philosophical science fantasy adventure: like if Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore co-wrote something between Star Wars, Star Trek, Watchmen, and V for Vendetta set in the early 23rd century. Crazy, I know, but it completely works!

Memoriam and Invacuation will launch later this year, in Qs 3 and 4 respectively.

Without giving too much away at this juncture: we think fans of rich imaginative historical fantasy from Doctor Who to Assassin’s Creed will love Memoriam, and that Invacuation will appeal to folks who enjoy rich world-based storytelling like Avatar: the Last Airbender and the Legend of Zelda.

Beyond that: we have stories of witches brewing, superheroes triumphing, and kingdoms fractured to entice you in 2021.

A World Hub is the epicentre of its specific Authocracy property. So, for instance, the Invacuation hub will be the page in which you will find links to explore the wider world of Invacuation. These hubs will be updated regularly to remain consistent with the current state of the narrative.

Yes. Once properties are completed, we will offer periodic limited print runs on an order-and-ship basis. It is better for the environment, better for business, and better for you because we get to spend more money on creating really high-quality special edition hardbacks full of illustrations.

In our early days, the best thing you can do for us is to get the word out. Share our site on social media, talk to your friends about us, like, comment, etc. 

We will regularly run kickstarters and operate a merch store on our site. Once these are live, they will be the primary ways through which we earn revenue.

How Authocracy works

We currently have 3 worlds here at Authocracy, and they can be found in our World Library or through the dedicated Worlds icon at the bottom of your screen. Simply click through and explore – no strings attached!

If you have any other questions, please see our FAQ section :)