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What do we do?

We create high-concept Fantasy and Sci-fi Serials

Authocracy Publishing is a publishing house for the digital age – an organisation of world builders, writers, illustrators, composers and readers who, quite simply, live to create and bring worlds to life.

The Authocracy comprises of a team of highly talented individuals from around the world, and across the many mediums of storytelling.

We specialise in high-concept fantasy and sci-fi titles with a special interest in rich and immersive worlds with multimedia potential.

We are Worldbuilders

The Authocracy is a publishing house for the digital age – an organisation of Writers, Illustrators, Composers and World Builders, all dedicated to bringing vivid fantasy worlds to life.

It’s as simple as that!

We believe in the power of story, and endeavour to deliver ours without limitations and across as many mediums as possible.

Our Approach to

Here at the Authocracy, we don’t just create stories – we create experiences.

We are more than just books, and we are more than just a publisher.

Here’s what makes Authocracy Publishing different to the rest!

We specialise in immersive high-concept fantasy properties. We believe that all good stories deserve to be told, and it is our fortunate duty to deliver them in whatever format they require.

Words and illustrations go together like bread and butter. That’s why every Authocracy world is laced with original hand-drawn and digital illustrations to help bring them to vibrant life!

If you’re anything like us, you’re a sucker for good music. There’s nothing better than the swell of violins over the beating of a war drum. So, naturally, our team of incredibly talented composers breathe life into these worlds, one note at a time!

Here at Authocracy, the words on our page scratch only the surface of our fantasy worlds. With our dedicated character and setting wikis, we guarantee you’ll only get lost if you want to!

We’ve got a diverse team over here at the Authocracy. From writers to illustrators, scholars to composers – we’ve got worlds to create and (just as importantly) information to share! So, why not head on over to our blog and see what we have to say?

Meet the Founders

Joe Avatar Cropped

Joseph Pierce

Founder & CEO
Lucas Avatar Profile

L. Farnsworth Colson

Creative Director
Ben Avatar Profile

Ben Mills

Art Director

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How Authocracy works

We currently have 3 worlds here at Authocracy, and they can be found in our World Library or through the dedicated Worlds icon at the bottom of your screen. Simply click through and explore – no strings attached!

If you have any other questions, please see our FAQ section :)