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Authocracy Studios

Creators of Fantasy and Sci-fi Worlds

Who are we?

Authocracy is a creative studio and publishing house for the digital age – an organisation of world-builders who, quite simply, live to create; bringing new frontiers of the human imagination to life.

Our team is international and diverse. Its shared mission is to bring stories to the public which are polished to the same exacting standard of the best of their peers in the industry, but whose subject matter would otherwise be deemed too ‘outside the mainstream’, ‘heady’, or simply different to be comfortably embraced by the old guard of book publishing.

We believe that artists know art better than business people. It’s as simple as that.

What We Do

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Stories

Our high-concept originals come from the best and brightest emerging talents in the industry, with an international and highly-diverse range of collaborators

Original Soundtracks

We utilize a team of exceptional and multi-talented composers to ensure that each of our properties is accompanied by a timeless musical experience

Vividly illustrated and Animated

Our illustrators are as talented as they are prolific. We scour the world for artists with incredible visual style and design sensibilities that live into their praxis

Gamified Supplements

We want fans to immerse themselves in our world-centric properties to their heart's content. Authocracy & gamification go together like bread and butter

Meet The Team

Joseph Pierce


Avid historian and lover of good storytelling, Joseph had wanted to become a writer and publisher from a young age. From writing and illustrating his own books on the playground to running a start-up publishing company, he is always keeping a keen eye on the future.

L. Farnsworth Colson

Creative Director

New England-based author L. Farnsworth Colson’s passion for storytelling began in grade school, where he would daydream about following in the footsteps of Joss Whedon as a TV show runner after seeing the director’s shows Buffy and Firefly

Ben Mills

Art Director

An avid artist and fantasy/ sci-fi fan from southern England, Ben Mills has a deep fascination with history, language, anthropology and archaeology. These interests heavily inspire his work and often themes he incorporates into his storytelling.

From World design to digital art and music composition, Ben is a world builder in the broadest possible sense.

Brandon Ellis | Authocracy Studios

Brandon Ellis


Illustration generalist and graphic designer from South Africa, and all-round fan of prominent fantasy & sci-fi media, Brandon Ellis has always aimed to make a career out of his hobby in art with the aim of developing an adaptable skill set that could morph to fit the topic & narrative as needed. His dream has always been to work as a generalist, able to work in multiple different media, formats and workflows, from illustration to design, to 2D animation.

Marjorie Elliott

Social Media Manager

Marge is a passionate geek and Authocrat eager to help build a future where artists are well-compensated for their labor and can create their works free from boardroom interventionism and suffocating contracts. A generalist par excellence, she oversees daily operations as well as social media: telling our story and ensuring its success day after day.

How Authocracy works

We currently have 3 worlds here at Authocracy, and they can be found in our World Library or through the dedicated Worlds icon at the bottom of your screen. Simply click through and explore – no strings attached!

If you have any other questions, please see our FAQ section :)