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Oni Anagonye

Credentials accepted. The following datafile is designated confidential by the Vanguard Order of the Ethocratic Republic.

We must never come to believe that because our thought processes were unable to anticipate the development of new tyrannies, that these fiendish ideations were somehow always and inexorably beyond our grasp. Our thinking was wrong. Let’s admit that, and try to find out how. I’m not saying I have the answers. I’m saying the answers are out there.”

Oni Anagonye, to Heathrow Wilson


Home Country: South Africa
Gender: Woman
Preference: Homoflexible
Race: Biracial (black father, white mother)
Age: Twenty Seven (b. 2192-present)
Height: 5’6
Weight: 157 lbs

Allegiance: the Ethocracy
Role: Vanguard (K10-Theta)
Background: Moral Philosophy & Epistemology


Father: Friedrich Anagonye — deceased
Mother: Catherine Anagonye — alive
Brother: Andre Anagonye — deceased

Relationship Status: In a Relationship with Thea Mae Beckett

Oni Anagonye is the protagonist of L. Farnsworth Colson’s In the Shadow of Prometheus. She is a Vanguard belonging to the unit K10-Theta. Elected straight out of her PhD training at the age of 23, she is the youngest person yet to be elected to the new world government, a utopian near-future society known as ‘the Ethocratic Republic of Earth’, set in the early 23rd century.


Oni stands at five and a half feet tall. She has light brown skin with dark brown, wavy hair. She is athletically built due to the grueling regimen all Vanguards must maintain in order to be fit for the peacekeeping duties with which they are entrusted.


Oni is a hyper-intelligent academic. She is bold, unapologetic, and yet deeply compassionate to those around her. She always speaks her mind, which can be intimidating to those less-gifted.

She is not particularly socially adept, but for those in her inner circle—she is fiercely loyal and relentlessly determined to see them succeed at their goals and aspirations.


When it became clear at the age of four that Oni could understand and meaningfully discuss Shakespeare’s work, her parents enrolled her at the Mandela Preparatory School for Gifted Children: a premiere institution for the best and brightest minds in all of South Africa. Even among those exceptionally talented young minds, Oni stood out as uniquely insightful and original in her thought. This caused her to be given an accelerated course of study, and by the time she was eleven her education was overseen directly by the Vanguard.

When she was twenty, her family car went off the side of a road, crashing into a tree just before the riverfront with everyone but her inside. Her father Friedrich, went missing, and was presumed to have drowned having stumbled into the river while disoriented from the wreck. Her mother and brother were rushed to the hospital. Catherine survived. Andre did not.

While receiving therapy to process this trauma, Oni developed a friendship with Leveigh Simoneau, a young prodigy who was shadowing her psychologist for his license in therapy. Leveigh would eventually become another member of K10 Theta after being elected on the same platform as Oni, and they frequently collaborated on strategy during their campaigns for office.

The two of them met the other two members of K10-Theta during their training program for the Vanguard. Over the course of several years, Thea Mae Beckett and Oni fell in love and eventually formed a deep and loving relationship. Upon graduating the program, the three of them were assigned to K10-Theta alongside Michael Kuhn, a scientist and ethicist with whom they rated highest via compatibility testing.

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Credentials accepted. The following datafile is designated confidential by the Vanguard Order of the Ethocratic Republic.

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Oni Anagonye

Credentials accepted. The following datafile is designated confidential by the Vanguard Order of the Ethocratic Republic.

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